Just breathe, we’ve got it covered
12th November 2020
Just breathe, we’ve got it covered

Landlord Scenario #1

It’s the weekend and you get a dreaded call from your tenant… ‘help, our boiler isn’t working’.

You know that legally you are required to fix this within 24 hours of it being reported, and so your relaxing weekend is spent trying to get someone out.

Sound familiar? Dripping showers, no heating, blocked drains… the list of property repairs can sometimes feel endless, and when it is your rental property the time spent getting quotes and sorting it all out can be a headache that makes you think, is it worth the hassle? Of course the answer is yes, the high yield on properties especially in Warrington ensures it is worthwhile being a landlord, the question is, how do you ensure your time is your own?

Like all the best solutions, ours is remarkably simple.

  • Your tenant logs a call.
  • You get a notification, and quotes are requested from trusted traders.
  • You simply click to approve the work.
  • Job done. Have a cup of tea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We’ll keep the job on track and take care of the rest. You provide the property, we’ll provide the income #weknowproperty#justbreathe #wevegotyou #landlordservices #propertyincome #rentalproperty #rentinwarrington #stocktonheath #propertyinvestment
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