Lets for Pets
17th June 2021
Lets for Pets

Following last week’s debate in the House of Lords, we have been wondering what local tenants and landlords  think about the rights of tenants to move house with their furry or feathered friends.

The debate stems from the recent change in law, which caps the deposit that landlords can take, which would generally cover any costs incurred by an unruly pet.

Both sides of the House have a good case, so it will be an interesting debate to follow. Those pro pets argue that well behaved animals are beneficial to their owners, particularly in helping to combat mental health issues and loneliness. From a landlord perspective people living with pets tend to stay in a property longer too.

However, the argument against the change in law is equally as pertinent as the case for. If agreed, the expansion of the Model Tenancy Agreement would mean that pet owners would have the right to appeal a decision from a landlord who declines their application based solely on them owning a pet.

At James Peacock Property we’re huge fans of animals, we even have an office dog! So, we really feel for people who are looking to relocate with their pets and have their applications refused. Fortunately, many of our landlords share our love of pets, but it is easy to see why not everyone has the same opinion, and we really respect that.


Even if pet owners had to prove they had appropriate insurance cover and their pet was well behaved, things can change over time. Insurances could lapse, pets come and go and sadly not everyone maintains the same standards. The crux is the cap on Tenancy Deposits that was brought in during the Tenancy Fees Act 2019.

Landlords now can’t charge tenants as much for damage caused to the property, and for some they are just not willing to take the risk.

What do you think? Should the law be changed to insist landlords permit pets?

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