Eviction law changes every Landlord (and tenant) needs to know
20th September 2021
Eviction law changes every Landlord (and tenant) needs to know

From 1 October 2021 the law that enables landlords to legally evict tenants and repossess their property (in England), will change returning the notice period landlords need to give to pre-pandemic timescales.


Over the last 18 months, independent landlords and agencies have had to have their wits about them to keep up with several legislative changes introduced as part of the Coronavirus Act 2020 to protect renters from eviction.


Our Lettings Director, Pam Hardman explains the significance of the return to ‘normality’ for their landlords and tenants.

“With five legislative changes in such a short period it has been a real challenge to keep up, particularly for independent landlords without an agency to support them.

Thankfully, with the pandemic (hopefully) behind us, the government has announced that it will return notice periods to the pre-pandemic period of 2 months.

Whilst this isn’t good news for tenants who had more time to relocate via the Coronavirus Act, it is good for Landlords who have decided to sell their property or move themselves back into it.


It should be noted that the Government have, however stated an intention to retain the power to implement the measures again should the public health situation worsens.

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