24th September 2020
Responding to Covid 19 and staying positive!

Covid 19 has a lot to answer for, but surprisingly, on reflection, we've seen a number of positive changes to our business, not least a significant demand for properties to rent in Warrington.

This week a first floor flat near to Warrington Town Centre was let within 2 hours of going live, based on a video tour. Something we wouldn't have dreamt would be feasible at the beginning of the year.

As the pandemic continues we're aiming to stay ahead of the curve by doing things differently and keeping the risk low, but the productivity high, so we've introduced regular newsletters to stay in touch with our tenants and landlords, keeping them informed and extending a helping hand where we can.

Covid 19 has brought us innovation, a paperless service ahead of schedule and much safer processes that we'll adopt for the long term.


So whilst we're missing our office banter and the face to face with tenants we're happy to be doing everything we can as a business community to keep Covid at bay.

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